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Download technical white papers from the mining industry.


What does ESG have to do with me? How businesses can harness technology in the fight for sustainability

Does ESG apply to your business? With everyone talking about ESG as the future of sustainable business, it is hard to know where it applies and where our responsibilities begin and end. Read this white paper for more information on what ESG is and what you can do to support it.

Published on the 01 December 2021

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How leading mining companies are getting smarter with condition monitoring

Using proactive asset reliability to improve operations and profitability. Read this white paper to find out more.

Published on the 01 October 2021

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Edge computing unearths new value for mining and metals applications

Data available at the operational edge is now easily accessible. Download this white paper to learn how industrial edge solutions can maximise your mining operations.

Published on the 01 October 2021

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Protecting your most valuable asset: 4 best practices for reducing worker injuries and illnesses

Every day, millions of people around the world go to work, exchanging their labour for wages that support themselves and their dependents. Learn more about four best practices that can protect your greatest asset: employees.

Published on the 01 September 2021

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Mining: Why digital innovation is vital

How to capture the skyrocketing demand for minerals with increased operational efficiency via predictive maintenance technology.

Published on the 11 May 2021

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The state of contractor management in mining: 140 mining executives give an inside look into their operation

In this white paper, top executives from 140 mining companies were surveyed to explore the state of contractor management in the mining industry and show how resolving inefficiencies will better position organisations to prosper in any economic environment.

Published on the 12 January 2021

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Technology tools can change mining’s health & safety record

Making use of software, sensors and robotics will improve health and safety (H&S) standards in the mining sector, according to exclusive research.

Published on the 24 November 2020

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Holistic Mine Water Management - The Opportunity You Can't Afford to Miss

Learn from the experts at Xylem how holistic mine water management together with smart technologies present a powerful opportunity to unlock environmental and economic benefits for your mine operation.

Published on the 15 September 2020

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