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How force sensors aid the push for global clean energy

The rush to meet demand for critical minerals for the clean energy revolution should not come at the cost of equipment malfunction or miner safety. Sensor tech offers a solution, streamlining operations for both efficiency and worker safety.



When mining goes electric

Jeff Keeling, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Brokk Inc., outlines how electric demolition machines provide mining operations with safe equipment options.

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ABB introduces ABB Ability Smart Hoisting

ABB is launching a new digital suite of applications for hoist monitoring and optimisation, now rebranded to ABB Ability™ Smart Hoisting.

A uniquely hybrid first step to greener mine haulage

Global clean energy requires unprecedented mineral extraction. Without innovation, such efforts will increase mine haulage’s carbon emissions. First Mode’s hybrid electric vehicle retrofit is a uniquely low risk solution that can help ensure mining companies reduce and progressively eliminate their polluting outputs, but will our slow-to-innovate sector seize the moment?