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The future of mine training is VR

Virtual reality training in mining allows training the entire team of mining operators, workers, managers in order to make the entire mining process safe and more effective.

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Lithium: Shaping markets for a green future

In the March 2021 issue of Global Mining Review, Mark Upton, Malin Purba, Sri Sekar, and Joseph Figueiredo from Deloitte provide a comprehensive overview of the future of lithium, and the effect of renewable energy and electric vehicles on the lithium mining industry. This special report lists all the references contained within that article.

The Vedanta Route: Okpabi vs Royal Dutch Shell Plc

Nathan Masih-Hanneghan (Cooke, Young, & Keidan LLP) comments on the implications of the recent ‘Okpabi and others vs Royal Dutch Shell Plc and another’ case in the Supreme Court for mining companies.

Gold ETFs losr 2% of holdings in February

Global gold ETFs lost 84.7 t (-US$4.6 billion, -2% AUM) in February, marking outflows for the third time in 4 months, and the seventh worst historical monthly holdings loss, according to the World Gold Council.