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Technology & digitalisation

Automatic For The People

Matt Shea, Epiroc, Sweden, reports on the company’s move into autonomous technologies and the multitude of benefits that these solutions can bring.

Blast From The Past

Sophie Clayton, Orica Digital Solutions, celebrates the 35th anniversary of Orica’s key blasting application, providing insight into innovative advancements in blasting technology.


More Technology & digitalisation news

Smart and sustainable detonation

Ralf Hennecke, Nishen Hariparsad, Neil Alberts, D Scott Scovira, and Christiaan Liebenberg, BME, examine how smart technology can be successfully leveraged to improve sustainability and safety in the field of blasting and explosives.

Energising the mining industry

Michael Hinton, Hitachi Energy, USA, highlights how intelligent energy management can provide electrification opportunities and create value for mining companies.