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Technology & digitalisation


Weir acquires SentianAI

Weir has acquired SentianAI, a developer of AI process optimisation solutions.

Integrated coal mining production

Jiyuan Chen, Hong Liu, and Dr. Li Li, Wolong Electric Group Co. Ltd, assess the benefits of an integrated motor and drive machine in coal mine production.

Micromine reveals its 2024 Release

Micromine has revealed its 2024 Release, including AI-powered improvements to geological and resource modelling.

More Technology & digitalisation news

NSS Canada and Komatsu sign MoU

NSS Canada and Komatsu have signed a MoU for the integration of the Miner Operated Survey System (MOSS).

The push towards electrification

Dr Barry Flannery, Xerotech, Republic of Ireland, outlines how lithium-ion batteries are poised to reshape the mining industry.