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September 2020

The September/October issue of Global Mining Review includes a regional report on mining trends in the Asia Pacific region, as well as a special report on coal mining. The issue also features pieces on underground drilling, drones and UAVs, engines and emissions, and more!

This month's front cover is brought to you by Komatsu.

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Guest Comment


Regional Report: Asia Pacific

Exploration in Asia Pacific
Steve Hinde and Rodney Graham, RPMGlobal, Australia.

Special report: coal

Old King Coal
Saloni Walimbe, Global Market Insights, India.

Underground Drilling

What’s North of North?
Daniel Bergeman, Brokk, Sweden.

Drones & UAVS

Rise of the Robots
Dr Joe Cronin, Australian Droid and Robot, Australia.

Flying High
Benjamin Pinguet, senseFly, Switzerland.

Engines & Emissions

Salt Mining in Russia
Pim Nolting, Vermeer Manufacturing, the Netherlands.

Fuels & Lubrication

Sparking Reliability
Mark Guenther, A. W. Chesterton, USA.

Greasing the Wheels
Burak Kasimoglu, SFK, Turkey.

Down to the Wire
Bill Gommers, Viper Wire Rope Lubricator Pty Ltd, Australia.

Chains & Conveyors

Buckle Down on Cleaning
R. Todd Swinderman, Martin Engineering, USA.

Tightening the Belt
Leslie David, Conveyor Belt Specialist.

Inspection, Testing, Sampling & Analysis

A Sample of What’s to Come
H. Kurth, Scantech International Pty Ltd, Australia.

Weight vs Volume
Carey West, Loadscan, New Zealand.

Storage & Stockyards

Longevity in Triangles
William Vangool, Triodetic, Canada.

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