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October 2021

Global Mining Review’s October issue contains all the latest mining industry news and insights you need. Don’t miss this month’s special reports on Mongolia and phosphate mining in Morocco, as well as technical articles from DSI Underground, Weber Mining, HARD-LINE, Komatsu, and more!

This month's front cover is brought to you by Mincon.

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Guest Comment

World News

The Myth And Reality Of The Mongolian Mining Industry
Ben Jones and Daan de Jonge, CRU Consulting, UK, provide an outlook for the Mongolian mining industry.

Maximising Sustainable Impacts
Iliass Elfali, OCP Group, Morocco, outlines how to maximise the impact of sustainable mining programmes.

Integrated Systems: The Next Step To Zero Emissions Mining Solutions
As determination towards green initiatives grows within the mining industry, Elliott Duck, Mincon Inc., USA, outlines how companies can change the way manufacturers and mines think about operating efficiencies and equipment solutions.

The Mechanics Of Dynamic Ground Support
David Evans, DSI Underground Asia Pacific, provides insight into the importance of the mechanics and mechanical response of ground support in underground hard-rock mining.

Fighting Mine Fires
Alan Bailes, Weber Mining & Tunnelling S.A.S, Australia, discusses recent advances in safety, using remote seals for the confinement of cavities in an Australian coal mine as an example.

Seal Of The Longwall
Chris Edge, Hallite Seals International, and Geoff McKenna, Komatsu Mining Corporation, discuss the importance of seals in mining roof supports.

Breaking Through Remotely
Claude Sharma, HARD-LINE, Canada, considers how automation is helping mines optimise their operations.

Accessing Intelligent Data
Thishen Naidoo, Emerson, Canada, explains how implementing modern control system architectures and communications can help mining companies improve efficiency and future-proof operations.

Driving Energy And Process Efficiency
Ormond O’Neill, Siemens AG, Germany, explores how using drives can maximise energy and process efficiency in mining applications.

Looking Into Space
John Turnbull, SES Networks, Australia, explains how the mining industry is being transformed with multi-orbit satellite-driven broadband technology.

Keep Things Moving With Mobile Conveyors
Paul Emerson, Terra Nova Technologies Inc., USA, discusses how flexibility and versatility can be added to an IPCC system using mobile conveyors.

Flotation Control
Todd Loudin, Flowrox USA, outlines the benefits of rubber compounding pumps and valves in helping to combat abrasion.

Changing The Conversation On Mine Maintenance Costs
Josh Swank, Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc., USA, describes a new way to address mining cost reduction, through proper equipment selection.

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