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October 2019

The October issue of Global Mining Review includes a regional report on mining trents in the Asia Pacific region, as well as a special report on a reversal of fortunes for precious metal miners. The issue also features pieces on lithium, underground mining, conveyors, dust control, trucks and tyres, water management and more!


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Trends And Threats For Asia Pacific Miners
Peter Bryant, Clareo, USA.

What Lies Ahead?
Ryan Cochrane, CRU, UK.

Creating An Impact
Audrey Beurnier, Aramine, France.

Something In the Air
Tony DeGuiseppi, King Shotcrete Solutions, USA.

The Art Of Safe And Efficient Bolting
Andre Mendes, ThroughTec Simulation, Canada

Transforming Minerals Processing And Handling
Jaakko Lipsanen, ALLU Group Oy, Finland.

Data: Staying In Shape
Sarah Lispet, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Australia.

Swapping The Old Ways For A Circular Economy
Dan Allan, Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group, Canada.

Nip In The Bud
Rekha Kapadia and Greg Desrosiers, Key Maintenance Technologies, Canada.

Grease Is The Word
Bret Jenkins (Whitmore®/Jet-Lube®, USA) and Michael D. Holloway (5th Order Industry LLC, USA).

Driving To A New Level Of Success
India Hester, Rio Tinto, Australia.

Safety Matters
Laura Hoggan, REMA Tip Top, USA.

Working Around The Clock
Markus Luoma, Nepean Conveyors Oy, Finland.

The Power Of Lithium
Henk Van Alphen, Wealth Minerals, Canada.

Thirsty For Sustainability
Rodrigo Gouveia, Metso, USA

Combating Mine Effluent
Alex Drak, Roi Zaken Porat and Tomer Efrat, IDE Technologies, Israel.

Stockyard Operation And Latent Capacity
Justin Willis, Andvare, Australia.

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