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Editorial comment

Palladian Publications is thrilled to introduce its newest magazine, Global Mining Review!

Brought to you by the team at World Coal, the leading publication for the international coal industry, Global Mining Review aims to provide in-depth insight into the mining and minerals processing sector, worldwide.

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As I write, the mining industry is making a steady recovery. Over the last three years, the sector has been gathering momentum, with the number of new projects and investment opportunities rising.

Last year, British Columbia’s mineral and coal exploration market increased for the first time since 2012 following the global mining crash. This comeback has led to the 2018-scheduled restart of operations for the Myra Falls copper-zinc-lead mine in Central Vancouver Island.

In Asia, SRK Consulting recently expressed optimism about the region’s mining prospects, as the market continues to emerge from a prolonged downturn.

The US supply chain is becoming more reliant on raw material imports (copper, silver, zinc and lithium). As such, 57% of voters believe that US regulations and laws should be reformed to encourage more domestic mining, according to a recent National Mining Association poll.

Queensland Resources Council Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane has projected Australia’s gold exports to reach AUS$19 billion by 2019/2020. He also noted that “the Production Index has increased by AUS$2.5 billion – or 17% – over the previous quarter. We are also seeing growth in zinc, copper, lead, aluminium, gold and silver.”

On 11 April, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was jointly signed by Morocco and India. The MoU intends to strengthen the countries’ co-operation in the mining and geology fields.

Global mining companies are also likely to reap the benefits of a spike in nickel and lithium demand for battery electric vehicles and other rechargeable products.

With these market outlooks and upcoming projects in mind, it’s evident that the launch issue has come at the perfect time. This issue of Global Mining Review presents case studies on major mining projects worldwide, as well as detailed technical articles covering underground and opencast mining, minerals processing and materials handling. And that’s not all – the issue also shines light on current industry trends, such as Wood Mackenzie’s contribution on p.12. The company’s special report on the emerging two tier iron ore market is especially prominent following the iron ore crash in 2015.

Other technical features include:

  • Surface drill and blast
  • Mining trucks and tyres
  • Rock bolting
  • Crushing, sizing and grinding
  • Conveyor systems
  • Lubrication and wear protection
  • Mine software and planning

Thank you for your support, and I hope you find this issue as interesting and informative as we do!