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May 2018

The May issue of Global Mining Review includes a special report on the emerging two tier iron ore market and a forecast of the mineral’s future. Technical features include: Conveyor Systems, Crushing, Sizing & Grinding, Lubrication and Wear Protection, Mine Software and Planning, Mining Trucks, Tyres & Haul Roads, Roof Bolting, Surface Drill-and-Blast, Surface Mining and Underground Mining.

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Iron Ore: Comparing Apples and Oranges
Alex Griffiths, Wood Mackenzie, UK, discusses the emerging two tier iron ore market and what we should look out for in the future.

Performing North of the Arctic Circle
Daniel Grimes (ContiTech Scandinavia AB, Sweden) and Stephan Weisgerber (ContiTech Finland Oy), recall a number of projects where the company’s conveyor belts were supplied for operations in the Nordic mining industry.

Endless Elevating Options
Amy Duncan, Dos Santos International, USA, explores the many ways to convey bulk materials at mine sites.

Collecting Dust
Joe Kiolbasa, Donaldson Company, USA, discusses the pros and cons of centralised vs point-of-use dust collectors for collecting dust from conveyor transfer points.

Reclaiming Control
A rail-to-ship iron ore transfer terminal in the US sought a replacement for its 40 year old bucket wheel reclaimers, which often caused conveyor stoppages and resulted in high shiploading times. James Cone Jr (CN Two Harbors, USA) and Michael Gawinski (Rulmeca Corporation, USA), detail the terminal's solution.

A Step Forward
Karol Bartodziej, FAMUR, Poland, highlights improvements that have been made on computer-aided management methods for extraction techniques in the mining industry.

A Case of Mistracking
Kevin Fales, Flexco, USA, examines the causes and solutions of conveyor belt mistracking.

Transforming Mining Operations
Marjut Lindroos, ALLU, Finland, details how a series of transformers have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of mining operations around the world.

Powering Progress
Mark Barr, Komatsu, USA, details the development of switched reluctance technology for mining, and explains how to get the most out it.

Smooth Operator
Sarp Degirmenci, ExxonMobil, EAME, explains how the right lubricants can help overcome the challenges of modern mine site operations.

Under Control
Del Williams, EonCoat, USA, outlines how a new anti-corrosion coating can help mines, quarries and aggregate bulk processing sites avoid corrosion and wear on their steel hoppers.

Tips for a Longer Life
Darren Flint (UK) and Diego Garcia (Colombia), Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group, explore the developments made to extend the life of mining tyres.

Avoid Tanking Risks
Josh Swank, Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc., USA, details the importance of water tanks for mine trucks on haul roads in order to increase safety and productivity.

Transforming Operations with Digitalisation
Michael Kainola and Katherine van Nes, Hatch, Canada, outline how underground mining operations can take the first step towards digital transformation.

Underground Deposits, Solved
Marcelo Arancibia, Maptek, South America, outlines how new technology using a predictive analysis approach can help operators make informed, strategic decisions about panel caving.

The Path to the Virtual Mine
It is an exciting time for mining companies to be exploring innovation, as the virtual world has opened up new possibilities that would have been hard to realise less than a decade ago, explains Mark Bese, Dassault Systèmes, Canada.

Rhonda Knotts, Modular Mining Systems, Inc., USA, details a solution that can reduce inefficiency and truck idle times by automatically reassigning trucks when a crusher is in a 'down' state.

Blast Off
Nicole Lyman, Dyno Nobel, USA, outlines a form of technology that can help mines reduce the time taken to initiate a blast in drill and blast development mining, whilst ensuring the safety of its workforce.

Raise the Roof
Patrycja Janiszewska, Mine Master, Poland, highlights the importance of bolting solutions for demanding mining applications.

Change in the Air
Matt Eul, Vermeer, USA, discusses the current trends in opencast mining and excavation.

Bounce Back
Caitlin McKinnon, Motion Metrics, Canada, discusses the potential revival of mine-to-mill optimisation and details how new technologies could improve the use of this all-encompassing systems approach in the mining industry.

At Full Blast
Murali Nagarajan and Chris Batten, Orica, Australia, explains how to reduce coal loss and dilution with an integrated blasting solution.

A Progressive Process
Rob Derries, RCT, Australia, details the advances the company has made over the last 45 years in automating the drilling process in the mining industry.

Driving Forward with Data
Neville Judd, Hexagon Mining, Canada, explores how surface drilling and blasting can be improved through drill hole correlation and data integration.

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