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The Latest in Fleet Management Analytics Enables Faster Decision Making

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Improving the safety, productivity and efficiency of a mine starts with all personnel at all levels having the right information at the right time. Slow-to-know in fleet management can amount to inefficient allocation of equipment, fuel waste, sub-optimal productivity, and ultimately bloated operational costs. Fleet management systems (FMS) help to meet the challenge, but when data insights are tough to visualise or slow to materialise, the bottom line still has room for improvement. Fortunately, technology is becoming more user-focused, as seen with Hexagon’s Fleet Analytics 2.0, which is making fleet data visible in real time.

Fleet Analytics is part of OP Pro, Hexagon’s foundational solution for fleet management that’s already used in mines in more than 80 countries worldwide. Released in October of 2023, Fleet Analytics 2.0 transforms the data collected and processed by OP Pro into visually powerful dashboards. These dashboards have been designed from the ground up by industry experts with a combined decades of experience to provide value and maximise effective decision making.

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Fleet Analytics 2.0 provides dashboards from OP Pro data that add value for almost anyone working on a mine site. These dashboards visualise data that includes real-time monitoring of truck and shovel productivity, efficiencies, and cycling KPIs for dispatchers and shift supervisors, as well as mid-level visual analysis of shift change, equipment utilisation, payload performance and operator and crew monitoring for operations management, trainers, crew supervisors, and mining engineers. Maintenance dashboards for equipment availability and summary level reports for mine management are also available, covering a wide variety of data visualisation across the mine site.

The dashboards that Fleet Analytics 2.0 generates are particularly useful for mines where management and technical personnel are unsure how to measure and implement initiatives for operational improvement and are struggling to figure out where to focus their efforts. It also saves a significant amount of time for technical personnel who are manually collating information from OP Pro.

Fleet Analytics 2.0 boasts over 40 brand new dashboards that focus on value and decision-making support. These dashboards have been redesigned using modern visual design processes and have everything needed to run a mine ‘out of the box’ with no customisation required. Even though customisation is not required, there are no restrictions on customising the reports that Fleet Analytics 2.0 generates to suit specific requirements. All reports source data directly from OP Pro in real time, allowing mine personnel to make decisions on-shift and to quickly see the impact of those decisions on the operation. Fleet Analytics 2.0 makes it easy to stay organised, as all reports are stored and delivered from a central location, eliminating uncontrolled spreadsheets or data sources. Plus, all reports have a built-in help section to explain, in detail, what the report is for and which metrics are being used.

For those who not already familiar with Hexagon’s OP Pro, this integrated solution offers high-precision guidance for dozers, drills, and loading equipment. It improves bench elevations, reduces dilution, and decreases rework to improve site safety, efficiency, and profitability. Featuring a new UI/UX, OP Pro allows mines to master their fleet with peer-to-peer communication, real-time production visibility, and a single source for reporting.

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