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MiningForum 2024: For a Sustainable Future

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The raw materials sector plays a crucial role in the transformation towards greater sustainability – not only for digitalisation, but also electrification and the development and use of renewable energies.

MiningForum 2024: For a Sustainable Future

The raw materials sector plays a crucial role in the transformation towards greater sustainability – not only for digitalisation, but also electrification and the development and use of renewable energies. The transformation of the industry is in full swing, and mining and the entire extractive sector are undergoing profound changes. A shift in thinking has now taken place across the board. This is supported by current and future regulatory requirements. It is about supporting and practicing sustainability, maximum transparency, and responsibility in all areas.

Under the motto ‘For a Sustainable Future’, the 17th MiningForum will take place on 6 and 7 June 2024 in Berlin, Germany. Every two years, the event brings together key decision-makers, experts and specialists from the mining industry at its trade fair and exhibition to exchange information on the latest developments in the raw materials sector, identify best practices in engineering and consulting as well as to open up new perspectives for the industry – all under the guiding principle of sustainability. The participants include renowned national and international companies, universities, institutions, and associations.

The MiningForum covers the entire value chain in the raw resources sector and a comprehensive 360-degree view of complex topics: from exploration, extraction, and processing, to closures and the renaturation of former mining areas as well as related technical innovations and best available technologies. Many distinguished speakers address key areas within the national and international raw materials market. These speakers include representatives from public institutions such as ministries and mining authorities, renowned German mining companies, various research institutions, as well as national and international firms. Over 400 top decision-makers and experts attended the MiningForum in 2022 to discuss current and future industry developments.


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Under the spotlight of sustainability, the event addresses one of the most important issues of our time. The transformation of the industry is well underway and there are many challenges that the MiningForum can help to address. Whether it is ESG (environmental, social, governance) or digitalisation, or whether it is sustainable extraction or long-term strategies that can ensure access and availability of raw materials for all people in the long term and in a stable manner.

Raw materials such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and rare earths are essential components of batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems. The increasing demand for electric vehicles and the heightened use of renewable energies are leading to a greater demand for these raw materials. Consequently, sustainability in the mining sector is of growing importance as the industry strives to make its activities more ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable. The integration of sustainable practices in mining aims to minimise environmental impacts, support communities where mining operations occur, and ensure the long-term profitability of these activities. It also includes the implementation of innovative technologies for more environmentally friendly extraction and processing of raw materials, and the reuse or recycling of waste to decrease environmental impact. Economic sustainability in mining means responsible corporate governance, transparent business practices, and investments in research and development to increase efficiency and reduce risks.


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The MiningForum has established itself for over 30 years as an international hub on innovative mining technologies and developments – also and especially in times of change. The forum deals with central topics for the industry in the area of tension between tradition, sustainability, and future viability. This applies specifically to the development of transnational sustainability standards, certifications, and guidelines for sustainable resource extraction, along with collaboration between governments, companies, and civil society organisations to create a legislative framework and options in the field of sustainable finance. This is crucial to establish a genuinely sustainable mining industry. Here, in particular, the raw materials sector can be one of the decisive drivers for more sustainability.

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