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Warman releases new wear reduction products

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Global Mining Review,

Warman® Wear Reduction Technology (WRT®) impellers and throatbushes are a new tool designed to help miners struggling to cope with mounting operating expenses.

Warman WRT technology is the culmination of decades of research into the wear patterns and hydraulic performance of the Warman AH pump’s impeller and throatbush. Together with a unique vanelet on the back shroud, replacing the five-vane impeller with a modern four-vaned design improves fluid guidance through the pump and represents a step change in impeller design.

The hydraulic refinements lower the pump’s lifetime consumption and reduce the Net Positive Suction Head (NPSHr) requirements of the pump, making the upgrade an ideal way to compensate for process or feed changes which have left a Warman AH pump overtaxed.

This technology has seen use in the field, such as in at Blackham Resources’ Matilda Gold Mine in Western Australia, where the installation of Warman WRT technology more than doubled impeller wear life in a demanding application involving abrasive, highly viscous slurry. The new impeller and throatbush reduced total ownership costs for the pump by AUS$27 000/yr due to the parts’ higher efficiency and longer wear life.

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