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Mining compliance solutions at Longwall USA

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In mining operations, priorities can range from safety to effectiveness and cost-efficiency.

Solutions must work anywhere, in various different situations and conditions. Most of all, these solutions must be reliable and adaptable to a mine's specific operations. Quaker Chemical Corporation, a longstanding supplier of longwall and hydraulic fluids, dust suppressants and ground control agents address these challenges with DUSTGRIP® dust suppressants, MINETECH™ ground control agents, and QUINTOLUBRIC® 818-02 longwall fluid, which will be highlighted at Longwall USA 2019.

High levels of respirable dust and quartz can cause visibility and other health and safety issues to mine workers. DUSTGRIP dust suppressants have been formulated to:

  • Reduce the generation of airborne particulate matter from mines, roads, stockpiles, rail hauls, construction sites, quarries and other areas where air-born dust is a problem.
  • Increase site safety for workers by reducing levels of airborne dust and quartz.
  • Have a cumulative effect so they are longer lasting with lower maintenance cost when compared to water alone.

Designed to consolidate and stabilise unstable ground, as well as seal against water ingress, MINETECH Ground Control Agents feature:

  • Good penetration into small cracks and fissures.
  • High adhesive strength. Outstanding mechanical properties and flexibility to be an effective ground consolidation and stabilisation tool.

Fluid instability, sticky soaps, bacteria and corrosion can all be a risk to equipment and workers, QUINTOLUBRIC 818-02 has been developed as a 100% synthetic true solution that:

  • Triples filter life through superior fluid dynamics and improved system cleanliness.
  • Reduces bacteria keeping systems free of corrosion and plugged filters.
  • Is compatible with all commonly used longwall fluids for easy conversion.

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