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Xylem to showcase holistic smart water management solutions at MINExpo

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Global water technology company, Xylem, will showcase its extensive mining solutions portfolio at MINExpo, 13 – 15 September 2021, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Working in partnership with mining professionals to develop efficient water management solutions, Xylem’s mining expertise boosts the productivity, safety, reliability and sustainability of mine sites across North America and internationally.

Ken Albaugh, Director of Sales, Rental and Equipment at Xylem, said: “Optimal water management in mine operations has never been more critical. We know from experience that to achieve this, it is essential to take a holistic view of how mining operations use water – from sourcing to dewatering to treatment and reuse. Every step in the mine water cycle is part of a process that can increase productivity, lower costs and, ultimately, turn mine water management from an expense into a strategic advantage. In short, we make sure our customers’ water dollars are working as hard as possible.”

Holistic mine water management involves reviewing the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of every aspect of an operation’s water processes such that the system as a whole can be optimised.

Albaugh continued: “Every mine has a distinct set of operating conditions and challenges. Our team members are Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) trained and certified with first-hand experience of the breadth of issues mines are facing today. We know that customised water management solutions deliver better results by minimising production downtime, lowering operating costs, enhancing performance and safety, and reducing environmental impact.”

“Our mining customers have specific needs and one way Xylem identifies the best overall solution for those needs is to audit the mine’s total water management system. This is an important first step in boosting efficiency and safety, while reducing costs,” explained Albaugh.

Featured products include:

  • Flygt 2201: a robust and reliable drainage pump, built on a 50-year heritage of successfully serving the mining industry. Its versatility and mobility make it a dewatering multi-performer, and MSHA-approved versions are available for permissible applications. It can endure tough liquids containing fine rock, sand, clay, sediments or other abrasives. Added hydraulic features provide further flexibility for construction and mining duties.
  • Ideal for open aggregates, the Flygt H 5100 slurry pump can handle the most abrasive slurries. Flygt H 5100 pumps support efficient, reliable dewatering, reducing downtime and operating costs. The sweptback impeller is designed to reduce wear by keeping the particles flowing smoothly within the volute rather than bouncing, while its submersible design provides greater efficiency and ease of maintenance.
  • Both Flygt BIBO 2830 and Flygt 2670 feature Flygt’s closed impeller Dura Spin and Flygt Spin-OutTM which expel abrasives away from the impeller neck and seal cavity to minimise downtime with superior wear resistance and ensure pump longevity. BIBO 2830 features the BIBO look and shape that delivers stability and robustness while Flygt 2670’s design maximises uptime in even the toughest conditions with an air valve that keeps the motor cooler, improving pump performance (when thermal contact supervision is used).
  • Goulds Water Technology e-SV is an energy saving vertical multistage pump. Built with a premium-efficient motor, its designed to withstand mechanically aggressive and high temperature liquids, extending uptime and reducing lifecycle costs. When paired with an Aquavar® IPC variable speed drive, it provides energy savings of up to 70% compared to fixed speed operation.
  • Using predictive analysis, optimyzeTM identifies potential problems with pumps or motors before they occur, enhancing system reliability. It periodically monitors system vibration and temperature and allows everyday users to access simple-to-use monitoring tools from iOS or Android mobile devices. This enables operators to understand the current health and historical trends of assets, create maintenance reminders and generate detailed reports. As a result, preventative maintenance can be scheduled before potential issues cause downtime.
  • With 140 models and a wide range of material options, the Xylem e-XC single stage, double suction, centrifugal pump offers a broader hydraulic range and higher efficiency than previous models. Built on a legacy of pump innovation, the e-XC features flow rates exceeding 57 000 gpm and can easily handle medium and large capacity systems and higher head applications.
  • Vertical turbine pumps such as Goulds Water Technology VIT Short Set Lineshaft Turbine Pumps reduce operating costs and improve water management by delivering industry-leading pump efficiencies. Lineshaft vertical turbines are configured such that the hydraulic components are submerged into the pumped fluid while the motor is located above ground, making it easy to access electrical components for repair or replacement. The modular design also allows for cost-effective re-bowling. Hydraulic coverage ranges from 50 – 20 000 gpm with options for up to 50 000 gpm and multistage configurations for high pressure solutions.
    • Both the e-XC and VIT turbine pumps will be displayed with optimyze at Xylem’s MINExpo booth.
  • Reduce water consumption, operating expenses and maintenance time with a compact and efficient plateflow heat exchanger like the Standard Xchange Plate & Frame HX. The product line provides heat transfer surface areas up to 47 000 ft2 in 1/3 – 1/5 the space. Plateflow models have more effective heat transfer than conventional shell and tube heat exchangers and are designed with accessible surfaces for easier cleaning and replacement.

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