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MachineMax CPO to lead discussion as part of the ‘Women in Tech’ mentor programme

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MachineMax, a global provider of software for maximising the productivity of off-highway machinery in the mining industry, has announced that it’s CPO, Shweta Saxena, will be part of the Women In Tech roundtable at the Global Web Summit in Portugal.

Over 70 000 people (46.3% of those are women), 2150 start-ups and 1200 tech investors from around the world have gathered at the event in Lisbon this week, bringing together people and companies redefining the global tech industry.

The event features over 1200 ‘incredible speakers’ from the likes of Google, Amazon and Uber.

On 7 November Shweta will lead a roundtable discussion as part of the Women in Tech mentor programme. She said: “I am excited to have been asked to lead this roundtable at this major conference.

“The Web Summit is like no other conference, it is one of the largest tech events in the world, attended by the best of the best and includes speakers from CEOs and subject-matter experts, to celebrities and politicians.

“I will be taking part in a mentoring session for women in leadership roles, especially women in tech.

“We’ll discuss what it means to be a leader as a woman in the tech industry, what are the challenges and what is still needed to make the talk of diversity and representation more than mere lip service.

“I’ll be discussing my experiences and sharing them with those women who want to get into the industry.

“When I used to be a product manager almost 20 years ago, I used to be the only person in the room as a woman but now, taking an example of MachineMax, we have women across every layer in Machinemax - in engineering, in design, in sales, in operations and at C level.

“It’s incredible to finally see a growth in the number of women at all levels.

“Over a period of time things have changed and women do see having a career in technology as an option now but still women leave the technology field at twice the rate of men, so it’s not just about getting women into the pipeline — it’s about creating cultures where women thrive, which means, compared to today, the culture of the future is going to look significantly different.”

Shweta added: “My advice for anyone who wants to be a technologist is to understand the role you want to do.

“Not just the first layer but the second and third. Know how it works and have the confidence to go out and do it.

“For example at MachineMax, we are working on creating an intelligent platform to track all off-highway machines.

“For this to work we had to understand the construction and mining industry and its complex ecosystem of OEMs, rental companies, end users (as well as related industries such as dealers and distributors), and other aspects like hardware design, development and the whole lifecycle of the sensor.

“The biggest takeaway for being successful as a women leader in tech is to get out of your comfort zone, go to the next level, and then beyond."

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