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Lincoln Mining advances permitting at Pine Grove

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Lincoln Mining Corporation, has provided an update on progress at its Pine Grove property in Nevada. The encouraging results of the most recent PEA will begin advancing the Pine Grove project towards production and as such will focus the majority of its efforts in permitting the Project for production. Resource exploration will continue. 


Paul Saxton, Lincoln’s President and Chief Executive Officer, noted:

“The company is poised now to capitalise on the favourable view towards mining in the U.S. We look forward to completion of the development work at Pine Grove. The company’s policy of strong environmental stewardship has enabled us to work well with both State and Federal agencies towards attaining this goal.”  

Lincoln has commissioned various environmental studies at Pine Grove since 2009, and reported data required for the permitting of a mine to several agencies. The company is establishing a full list of all reports, studies and approvals needed in its Plan of Operations. The Project will be under the jurisdiction of the federal US Forest Service (USFS). Lincoln will also need to obtain other permits from Federal, State and local agencies as required. 

Over the years, Lincoln has built momentum with the Agencies and consultants. Lincoln has obtained a determination of non-jurisdictional waters of the U.S. (non-WotUS) from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Geochemical characterisation of waste rock and ore is underway with oversight by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) and the USFS. Biological baseline data, collected by Stantec Consulting Services Inc., has been reported to the USFS and the Nevada Division of Wildlife.


Lincoln has submitted a plan of operations to the USFS regarding geotechnical exploration activities needed to complete mine facilities design. Lincoln’s proposed activities consist of:

  • Drilling nine vertical reverse-circulation condemnation holes.
  • Drilling five groundwater exploration drill holes.
  • Drilling six geotechnical engineering auger holes.
  • Excavating eleven test pits for the evaluation of additional engineering properties of the soil. 

To aid the company in all this work, Lincoln has announced the engagement of an effective permitting team that will allow it to proceed with permitting of the Pine Grove Project towards operation. The consulting team with respective task assignments consists of the following:

Stantec Consulting Services Inc. – Collection of environmental baseline data and writing of environmental reports. Stantec has prepared documentation to present the results of acid base accounting (ABA) and meteoric water mobility procedure (MWMP) of samples from drill holes intended to test waste rock at Lincoln’s proposed Pine Grove Project. This testing was requested by the NDEP’s Bureau of Mining Reclamation and Regulation (BMRR). Stantec has delivered archaeological, botanical and wildlife studies to the USFS. Stantec installed a meteorological station and has collected site-specific weather data since 2010. Stantec is preparing a Reclamation Plan for the proposed Pine Grove mine.

Welsh Hagen Associates – Working with management and other consultants on the Plan of Operations (POO) as it pertains to mine design.


Kappes, Cassiday & Associates – Metallurgical assessment, process engineering, and mine facilities design and construction.

Golder Associates Inc. – Collection and evaluation of geotechnical information required for the POO and pit wall stability.

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