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BossTek introduces new atomised mist cannon

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In response to input from customers across the demolition and bulk material handling sectors, BossTek, a company specialising in in atomised mist technology, has introduced a new mobile mid-sized dust control cannon.

BossTek introduces new atomised mist cannon

The DustBoss® DB-45 Surge® is the next iteration of the popular Surge series featuring an innovative pressurised centre nozzle paired with the industry-proven fan and misting ring system to suppress both surface dust and airborne particulates. With three remote-controlled stages and precision oscillation for optimum command over water volume and coverage area, the DB-45 Surge delivers the dependability of atomised mist, along with J2P (jet-to-plume) nozzle technology that surges for over 200 ft (60 m), even in troublesome windy conditions. The result is an easily manoeuvrable, autonomous, and versatile dust control solution for outdoor operations in all weather conditions.

“Our first iteration of this technology was larger for operations with high-reach cranes and enormous coverage areas,” explained BossTek Dust Control Specialist Mike Lewis. “Managers of medium and smaller operations were impressed with the existing technology but wanted a lighter and more compact option that offered the same excellent field-tested versatility and results. With a 200 ft (60 m) throw range, I’d say that most of our customers will be well-served by the new model.”

The DB-45 Surge combines the power of a 25-horsepower industrial fan, misting ring, and heavy-duty barrel with the reach of a central high-pressure spray nozzle. The misting ring introduces millions of tiny dust capturing droplets into an area for proven dust suppression. The pressurised spray resists wind shear and uses the force of the wind to further fragment droplets, enhancing its dust suppression capabilities. This is achieved with a maximum of 72 GPM (372 lpm) and as little as 17 GPM (77 lpm) when using only the misting ring and fan. The cannon also features a VFD (variable frequency drive), which allows the unit to operate more efficiently at lower water pressure.

The three stages are easily input by the touch screen system, protected by a sealed NEMA 4 cabinet or controlled by a heavy-duty hand-held remote control with a 1000 ft (305 m) range. Stage one is highly effective on moderate days and uses the powerful 30 000 CFM (849.5 CMM) fan and misting ring for wide area coverage. For windy days, stage two features a pressurised stream delivered by the J2P nozzle to pinpoint the source of the dust. On high wind days, operators can choose stage three which utilises the fan, misting ring and centre nozzle for maximum coverage.

This allows the DB-45 Surge to be “set it and forget it” autonomous equipment, unlike hoses and industrial sprinklers, which typically require constant manual labour to monitor and operate. Manual operation keeps workers in active zones near moving equipment, increasing the chance of injury and raising the costs of operation for sprinklers and hoses due to extra labour and possible liability.

The DB-45 Surge addresses wind, labour, and water usage issues. While striving to stay compliant with dust regulations, operators can now better match the water requirements to the specific application. Fed by a standard 1 – ½ in. (38 mm) hose with a cam-and-groove quick disconnect coupling, the booster pump delivers as much as 500 PSI (27.5 BAR) of water pressure to the centre nozzle.

“The DustBoss product line is known for its rugged quality and long service life, often described as one of the most reliable and low-maintenance pieces of equipment on any job site,” Lewis concluded. “Our 3-year or 3000-hour warranty is evidence of our confidence in the products. The DB-45 Surge is designed with that same philosophy: it’s built to last.”

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