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December 2023

Delve into all things ‘blending’ next with technical articles from EMT, Ag Growth International (AGI), and Sackett Waconia. And that’s not all – check out an array of interesting pieces from expert contributors on a range of topics, from granulation, prilling and compaction, to water treatment, and plant maintenance. Wishing all of our readers a very merry festive season and a prosperous new year!

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The MENA Region: Challenges And Prospects
Contributing Editor, Gordon Cope, provides an overview of the current state of the fertilizer industry in the MENA region.

It's Wise To Customise
Zico Zeeman, EMT, the Netherlands, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the machinery used in the fertilizer blending process, and considers how it can help to create tailor-made solutions for customers.

The World Of Fertilizer Blending
Robert Fitzpatrick, Ag Growth International, USA, provides an insight into fertilizer handling management and blending processes.

Precision AS A Priority
Rafael Delgado, Sackett Waconia, Dominican Republic, discusses the importance of efficient and precise blending systems in the fertilizer sector.

Grasping A Unique Opportunity
Giedrius Rutkauskas, Arionex Wasseraufbereitung Gmbh, Switzerland, outlines why the fertilizer industry should take the opportunity to mitigate pollution created from water demineralisation.

Sense And Sustainability
Jose R. Ferrer, Espindesa, Spain, outlines how the efficient use of fertilizers could provide a more sustainable solution to meet growing agricultural demands.

Seeking Success In Agglomeration
Klaus Wögerbauer, Agglotec GmbH, Austria, explains why precision is key to the success of the agglomeration process in the fertilizer industry.

Enhancing Efficiency And Performance
Thomas Perry and Miles Andrews, QMax Industries, USA, discuss the pivotal role of industrial heating technologies in the production of fertilizers.

The Core Of Fertilizer Plant Reliability
Benjamin Wooten, Atlas Copco, USA, explains how plant maintenance and reliability are central to the successful running of a fertilizer plant.

A Comprehensive Guide To UAN Corrosion Management
Phil Bureman and Dr. Craig Myers, Nalco Water, USA, discuss the advantages of a comprehensive UAN corrosion management programme.

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