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March 2024

Welcome to World Coal Issue 1 2024. This latest issue features a regional report reviewing the state of, and outlook for, the European coal industry, authored by Rystad Energy. Furthermore, there is our usual range of technical content covering topics such as conveyors, dust, screening, longwall mining, and drones. Haunhinco Mining Technology is our latest cover advertiser, and other key contributors include Weber Mining, Malvern Panalytical, Flexco, Martin Engineering, and more.

This month's front cover is brought to you by HBT GmbH.

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Guest Comment

Industry News

Back On A Downward Spiral
Sreejeet Barik, Rystad Energy, India, reviews the state of the European coal industry and provides an outlook for the future.

Clearing The Air
Mike Lewis and Michael Kelley, BossTek, USA, explain the power of atomised mist in controlling conveyor dust.

Don’t Skirt Around Safety
R. Todd Swinderman, Martin Engineering, USA, outlines the optimum belt conveyor skirtboard configurations for preventing dust and spillage.

Optimum Monitoring
Bernd Küsel, CBG, Germany, considers the reasons for conveyor belt defects and the best monitoring method to avoid damage.

Making Secondary Cleaning A Primary Objective
Brian David, Flexco, USA, analyses the underrated power of secondary belt cleaning in boosting operational safety and cutting costs.

All About That Belt
Liam Sheeder, Belt Tech Industrial, USA, discusses optimising conveyor belt selection by balancing durability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

The XRF Factor
Dr Uwe König, Malvern Panalytical, the Netherlands, examines the benefits of X-ray fluorescence tools to harness the potential of coal fly ash.

Filling The Gaps
Anthony Ferrenbach, Weber Mining and Tunnelling, Mexico, evaluates how the use of phenolic foams can help address the problem of roof cavities in longwall mining.

A Solution From The Skies
Emily Loosli, Wingtra, Switzerland, details how drone technology can be implemented to streamline mining operations and improve efficiency.

Assessing Screen Media Options
Serge Raymond, MAJOR Wire, Canada, evaluates the pros and cons of polyurethane and high-vibration screen media for coal operation needs.

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