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May 2022

The May issue of Global Mining Review is available now! This month’s issue features a special commodity report on gold from the World Gold Council, with a particular focus on ESG impacts in the gold mining sector. The rest of the issue is packed full of the latest insights into roof & ground support, trucks & tyres, mine power, automation & control, and much more.

This month's front cover is brought to you by NOKIA.

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World News

Screening News

Gold Mining And The Evolving ESG
Terry Haymann, World Gold Council, UK, discusses the importance of addressing both the risks and positive ESG impacts of the gold mining sector.

Slashing Cycle Times
Uwe Wyink, Hugo Bras, and Precious Jere, Master Builders Solutions, consider why new demands and new technology in hard rock mining mean that cementitious grouts are under more pressure to perform than ever.

Shining A Spotlight On Shotcrete Spraying
Rick Kraft, Getman, USA, outlines the development process involved in making the latest evolution of shotcrete spraying solutions a reality.

Giant Tyres For A Growing Need
Giant tyres are designed to withstand the most demanding activities and environments. Piero Torassa, BKT Europe, identifies why giant tyres are therefore fundamental for machine performance and company productivity.

The Need To Adapt
Goodyear UK, explores the role tyre systems are set to play in the connected mine of the future.

Rock-Solid Communications For The Underground Mine
Jaime Laguna, Nokia, USA, evaluates the benefits of private wireless networks as mines go deeper underground.

Energy Transition Opportunities In Mining
Rod Saffy, Aggreko, provides insights on how embracing renewables into a mining operation’s energy mix creates positive impacts on cost and emission savings.

Making Automation And Control A Reality
Johnny Wang, Baraja, China, examines how automation can help mining operations boost employee safety, improve productivity time, and increase profit margins.

Double Down On Data
Phillip McBride, I4 Mining and Rayven, Australia, reviews how the way to achieving emissions, ESG, or any Industry 4.0 and automation goals starts with data.

Better Safety Through Simulation
Andre Mendes, ThoroughTec Simulation, Canada, explains how interactive training solutions can improve operator safety and efficiency.

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