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March 2021

The March issue of Global Mining Review features a special report on Lithium, as well as a range of informative articles covering: Stockyards, Storage & Silos; Fuels & Lubricants; Exploration & Development; Roof Support & Ground Control; Underground Drilling; Trucks & Tyres; Dewatering & Filtration; and more.

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Lithium: Shaping Markets for a Green Future
Mark Upton, Richard Longstaff, Sri Sekar, and Joseph Figueiredo, Deloitte, provide a comprehensive overview of the future of lithium, as well as the effects of renewable energy and electric vehicles on the lithium mining industry.

Copper: An Industry in Rush
Simon Paull, Castillo Copper, Australia, outlines why a growing demand for copper underscores the requirement for greater focus on exploration and development.

Great Discoveries Don’t Happen Overnight
Matt Earle, MiningFeeds, Canada, explores the importance of exploration and development in fuelling a global energy transition that will be mineral intensive.

Designing for the Modern Day
Audrey Beurnier, Aramine, France, examines the future of drill rigs to meet increasing health, safety, and environmental standards.

Automating Ground Support
Michael Hosp, Minova, Austria, outlines how new ground control systems support the introduction of automation into the rock bolting cycle.

Gearing Up
Don Howard and Bob Yerkes, Whitmore®|Jet-Lube®, USA, explore the importance of open gear lubricants and how to optimise their performance.

The Bigger Picture
Zlatko Martic and Martijn K. Mannot-Russell, Master Builders Solutions, explore how changes to the dewatering process for tailings can lead to higher quality backfill and savings in cost and carbon.

Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose
Andrea Pitto, Salvadori Srl, Italy, outlines the importance of mining tyre recycling.

Modernising Mining Fleets
Drew Larsen, ASI Mining, USA, examines the benefits of retrofitting mixed or older fleets in comparison to purchasing automation with a new fleet.

Favouring Fabric
Harald Jaeger and Randy Ludwar, Legacy Building Solutions, discuss how tension fabric structures offer new advancements for creating mining solutions.

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