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December 2020

The November/December issue of Global Mining Review includes a regional report on the mining industry in India, as well as a special report on the present state and future of silver consumption and investment. The issue also features pieces on software and automation, water management, conveyors, dust control, exploration, and more!

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World News

Innovation and Investments in India
Sudip Saha, Fact.MR, India, discusses the prevailing trends and future prospects of the mining industry in India.

Silver Steals the Thunder
Kunal Sawhney, Kalkine, Australia, considers the present state and the future of silver consumption and investment.

Teaching an Old Mine New Tricks
Drew Larsen, ASI Mining, USA, asks the question: Does automation make sense for brownfield mines?

Underground Automation on a Grand Scale
Thomas Stauffer, Freeport-McMoRan, USA, provides insight into the ramp-up of an automated railway in one of the largest underground block-cave mines in the world.

Making a Modern Mine
Celeste Piercey, HARD-LINE, Canada, details how tele-remote operating technology can help the mining industry meet growing demands.

Down to the Wireless
Nigel Pereira, Orica, Australia, explains how a wireless initiation system can help the mining industry move towards a safer and more efficient future.

Surging Through the Digital Era
Demetre Harris, Sandvik Mining & Rock Technology, USA, explores how technology has changed and improved mining operations.

A Strategic Advantage
Jessy Parmar, Xylem Industrial Solutions, USA, explores the benefits of taking a holistic approach to mine water management, and incorporating smart technologies into the system.

Creating Connectivity
Dr Felix Flemming, TOMRA Sorting, Germany, explores the mining industry’s need to embrace digital transformation to enable greater connectivity and operations which are optimised for the future.

Reducing the Load
Andrzej Grabianowski, Lutze Group, Germany, outlines the importance of controlling dust around conveyors.

In for the Long Haul
Josh Swank, Philippi-Hagenbuch, USA, considers the importance of mine site trailer efficiency and preparedness to mining operations.

Mining for Savings
Carl Hager Jr. and Ben Pearch, The Timken Co., USA, explains how engineered surfaces can help combat environmental challenges.

Digging for Gold
Ed Karr, U.S. Gold Corp., USA, outlines the company’s exploration and development solutions.

Powering the Future
Sarah Schuiringa, IronRidge Resources, Australia, details a lithium exploration operation and explains how it will be the metal to power the future.

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