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Calibre provides 2020 resource expansion and infill drilling update

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Calibre Mining Corp. has provided an update in respect of the company’s 2020 drilling programme, highlighting the new Atravesada underground zones at Limon where no current gold resource is reported. The 2020 resource expansion and infill drilling programmes will lead to significant reserve increases at Limon and Libertad when the company reports at the end of 1Q21. Calibre’s 2021 exploration programme is now well underway and is expected to include approximately 60 000 m of drilling.

New resource opportunity highlights

Atravesada Underground Zones (Limon Complex)

  • 7.98 g/t gold (Au) over 6.8 m estimated true width (ETW) from 232 m (LIM-20-4497).
  • 3.64 g/t Au over 8.2 m ETW from 231.3 m (LIM-20-4493).
  • 8.92 g/t Au over 9.8 m ETW from 201 m (LIM-20-4515).
  • 7.82 g/t Au over 2.5 m ETW from 247.8 m (LIM20-4520).

Resource expansion highlights

Veta Nueva Underground Zone (Limon)

  • 3.80 g/t Au over 5.8 m ETW from 229.7 m (LIM-20-4523).
  • 4.78 g/t Au over 13.6 m ETW from 209.9 m (LIM-20-4524).
  • 10.94 g/t Au over 3.1 m ETW from 299.2 m (LIM20-4528).

Panteon Underground (Limon)

  • 6.97 g/t Au over 6.1 m ETW from 159.7 m (LIM-20-4510).

Socorro Opencast Target (Libertad)

  • 3.13 g/t Au over 3.7 m ETW from 200.44 m (CH-20-034).
  • 4.43 g/t Au over 3.1 m ETW from 141.6 m (CH-20-041).
  • 21.90 g/t Au over 1.1 m ETW from 69.3 m (CH-20-043).

Jabali Underground (Libertad)

  • 6.70 g/t Au over 1.9 m ETW from 180.8 m (JB-20-529).

Pavon Norte Opencast

  • 2.13 g/t Au over 10 m ETW from 71.1 m (PVN-20-033).

Russell Ball, CEO of Calibre, stated: “Our 2020 drilling programme was initially focused on infilling existing deposits, but starting in 4Q20 the focus shifted to identifying new zones and expanding known resources at Limon, Libertad and Pavon. I am excited about the early results from Veta Nueva and the neighbouring Atravesada zone, where no resource is currently reported. Underground development to Atravesada is anticipated to commence in 2Q21 which is expected to provide mill feed to Libertad in 3Q22, in line with our ‘hub-and-spoke’ operating philosophy.

“We are in the process of finalising year-end 2020 reserve and resource statements, reflecting the positive results from both the infill and resource expansion drilling programmes, which support our expectations of significant reserve increases at both Limon and Libertad.”

New resource opportunity drilling

Atravesada, located approximately 2 km west of the Limon Central opencast, returned multiple high-grade intercepts from step-out drilling along a steep westerly plunging zone of gold mineralisation that was partially drilled by B2Gold in 2018. In addition to the results presented here, highlights from B2Gold’s programme include 31.38 g/t Au over 2.68 m ETW, 18.42 g/t Au over 4.07 m ETW and 51.65 g/t Au over 1.19 m ETW (see 31 October 2019 release). Atravesada was not considered as a potential mill feed source for the Libertad Complex in the PEA announced in 2020 as no resources were reported (see 11 August 2020 release). The company believes that Atravesada will host significant resources and likely be added as a ‘spoke’ in future.

Resource expansion drilling

At Veta Nueva, located 600 m west of Atravesada, expansion and infill drilling returned multiple high-grade intercepts along a down-dip extension to the current 57 000 oz reserve of 312 000 t at 5.66 g/t Au.

At Libertad, drilling to upgrade resource classification and test for potential extensions of gold mineralisation along strike and at depth was completed at Jabalí Underground and the Soccoro opencast resource.

At Pavon Norte, step-out drilling to the northwest and southeast beyond the limits of the current resource demonstrates the continuation of gold mineralisation along strike and down dip, indicating good potential to expand the resource as exploration drilling continues to advance in 2021.

Infill drilling highlights

Pavon Central Opencast

  • 4.81 g/t Au over 17.5 m ETW from 66.5 m (PVC-20-023).
  • 4.44 g/t Au over 5.8 m ETW from 28.8 m (PVC-20-026).
  • 2.33 g/t Au over 9.5 m ETW from 83 m (PVC-20-027).

Pavon Norte Opencast

  • 6.67 g/t Au over 2.4 m ETW from 29.3 m (PVN-20-029).

Limon Central Opencast

  • 2.51 g/t Au over 21.6 m ETW from 266.5 m (LIM-20-4491).
  • 5.35 g/t Au over 6 m ETW from 221.8 m (LIM-20-4495).
  • 2.78 g/t Au over 15.3 m ETW from 240.5 m (LIM-20-4496).

Limon Norte Opencast

  • 251.90 g/t Au over 1 m ETW from 200.4 m (LIM-20-4516).
  • 2.25 g/t Au over 14.7 m ETW from 185.2 m (LIM-20-4525).

Panteon Underground

  • 5.43 g/t Au over 2.1 m ETW from 128 m (LIM-20-4514).
  • 4.01 g/t AU over 1.9 m ETW from 90.4 m (LIM-20-4517).

Jabali Underground

  • 6 g/t Au over 11.5 m ETW from 113.4 m (JB-20-511).
  • 3.26 g/t Au over 2.7 m ETW from 61.3 m (JB-20-512).
  • 4.75 g/t Au over 1.2 m ETW from 184 m (JB-20-531).

Infill drilling to upgrade opencast resources along the Limon trend (including Limon Central, Norte, Tigra and Chapparal) continues to confirm the continuity of gold grades along the 2 km vein system.

Drilling at Pavon Norte intercepted near-surface mineralisation in line with expectations as the company looks to convert a portion of Pavon’s 1 392 000 t at 5.16 g/t Au indicated resource into reserves. With mill feed delivered from Pavon Norte to Libertad in January 2021, ahead of schedule and under budget (see 21 January 2021 release), the company expects to increase ore haulage rates to 1000 tpd by the end of the year.

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