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Rocscience and GroundProbe launch two-way software integration

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Rocscience and GroundProbe have launched a collaboration between their software systems, to boost the global geotechnical community.

Rocscience and GroundProbe launch two-way software integration

As part of Rocscience’s new release of their slope stability programmes, Slide3 and RS3, deformation output from any of GroundProbe’s slope stability radars or lasers systems can be imported into the programmes.

This data can then be automatically visualised with the geotechnical model, inclusive of factor of safety heatmaps and probability of failure models.

Users of GroundProbe’s SSR Viewer software will be able to import Slide3’s 3D failure model as a layer, allowing the model to be overlayed with real-time deformation data, in addition with the factor of safety maps.

“This is an innovative step and industry first, with the exchange of data being two-ways between the systems,” said Lachlan Campbell, GroundProbe’s vice president of marketing and innovation.

“Having the data flowing two-ways between a geotechnical modelling package and a geotechnical monitoring package means engineers can perform a deep-dive analysis in either software.

“A user could verify their geotechnical model assumptions with the radar data overlaid in Slide3, whilst another could be using the geotechnical model in a real-time monitoring system to see the spatial changes in deformation over time.”

Rocscience went on to state that the collaboration between companies and software systems will enable geotechnical engineers to analyse and solve problems more effectively by allowing for the direct comparison of modelling and monitoring data on a single display.

The Slide3 platform allows geotechnical engineers to calculate the factor of safety of complex 3D slope stability geometries that 2D models cannot fully simulate. It also allows for the modelling of advanced geometries like landslides, MSE walls, slopes supported by soil nails, and more.

With Slide3, users can calculate failures in any direction without the need for defining the direction in advance, increasing efficiency in modelling and analysis.

SSR-Viewer is the common software across all GroundProbe monitoring solutions. It processes the complex data that systems collect and makes it easily understood, allowing its users to view movement, understand when it becomes a problem and predict the time of failure.

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