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Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. to begin producing Nickel Oxide fuel cells

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Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. has decided to install verification facilities for the mass production of high-purity nickel oxide powder for use in fuel cell electrodes.

Fuel cells are light, clean and highly efficient systems for the generation of electricity, using the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen creates electricity and heat.

This market is expected to encounter growth as plans are developed in Japan and other international countries to install and expand the use of fuel cell electricity across homes, shops and factories.

Among the many types of fuel cell, solid oxide fuel cell generate electricity most efficiently, this cells contain nickel oxide powder which is used for the electrodes. Sumitomo has developed a fine and pure nickel oxide powder to contribute to increased efficiency and durability. As the demand for nickel oxide powder is expected to increase with the commericalisation of these cells, Sumitomo will aim to establish mass production facilities by early 2018, at the Niihama city property, in Japan’s Ehime prefecture.

SMM has increased production of cathode material (lithium nickel oxide) for rechargeable batteries in cars. In addition to the company’s strength of being able to cover all aspects of the production process from nickel smelting to producing the actual material, SMM shall leverage the powder control and mass production technology it has gained through developing and producing a wide range of functional materials to meet the needs of this new market while contributing to the creation of a society that is based on environmentally friendly energy.

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