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White papers: Management Controls

Management Controls (MCi) is a cloud-based software technology company aimed at helping organisations solve the complexities of contractor workforce management with complete transparency and control.

With the TRACK platform, MCi enables metals and mining operators to embrace digital transformation not by turning processes on their heads, but by offering real-time visibility into contractor management spend — eliminating paper-trail bottlenecks and automating critical cost management processes.

MCi’s mission is simple: getting companies and contractors on the same page. In developing TRACK platforms and Track as a Service, MCi continues to help businesses solve problems and reduce cost while facilitating better operational visibility.

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The state of contractor management in mining: 140 mining executives give an inside look into their operation

In this white paper, top executives from 140 mining companies were surveyed to explore the state of contractor management in the mining industry and show how resolving inefficiencies will better position organisations to prosper in any economic environment.

Published on the 12 January 2021

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