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Safe and efficient conveyor belt monitoring solutions for bulk material handling

ON DEMAND - In this webinar SCHMERSAL and its system partner ROXON talk about safe and efficient conveyor belt monitoring solutions for safe operation, sustainability, and higher productivity. They emphasise why safety and productivity complement each other, and why it is important to identify potential hazards far ahead of their occurrence.

Material spillage, belt-misalignment, or broken conveyor belts can cause injury to staff as well as costly downtime, damage to machinery, and loss of revenue. That is the reason why it is important to comply with the current safety standards for continuous conveyor systems. In addition, mechanisms of the digital transformation, like predictive maintenance due to condition monitoring, ensure an increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). This results in reduced downtimes and production loss as well as reduced maintenance costs.

Topics of the webinar include:

  • Safety standards for continuous conveyor systems
  • Hazards and risks
  • Control systems and safety devices
  • Online belt monitoring

Learn how to design safe conveyor systems for bulk material handling and to ensure high productivity.


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