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How Drones Are Being Used in Mining: Addressing ATEX Issues and Equipment Inspections

ON DEMAND- Watch this webinar to learn how professionals from Anglo American and ICL Boulby, the world's only polyhalite mine, are using drones in their operations. The webinar will feature case studies and best practices for surveying, inspection of mining equipment, as well as methods for addressing ATEX concerns.

Watch this on demand webinar, hosted by Junio V. Palomba (Managing Director – EMEA at Flyability), to learn how drones are being used in mining, specifically how they are addressing ATEX issues and aiding equipment inspections.

The first part of the webinar, presented by Martin Steenkamp (Metallurgist – DMS & Product), will review how Anglo American is performing crusher inspections using drones. By using drones, mine operators can reduce the risks and costs associated with inspections, as well as increase their efficiency.

In the second part of the webinar, led by Simon Pollitt (Chief Surveyor), you will discover how ICL Boulby selected Elios 3 for its inspections and the whole implementation process, including addressing ATEX challenges.

During the Q&A, the speakers answer questions relating to product selection for inspections and how the implementation is managed and undertaken.


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