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Unlocking a New Era of Mining with Edge

ON DEMAND - Today, mining operators across the globe are at a crossroads. Watch this webinar to learn how Emerson’s industry leadership in edge has enabled users across a diverse range of industrial applications to advance critical capabilities in an increasingly complex environment.

To keep pace with mounting stakeholder pressures around sustainability and efficiency, the industry needs to minimise downtime, maximise real-time insights, and integrate and scale intricate operations. More automation will be needed to meet today’s challenges and future proof amidst evolving challenges. However, the incremental automation investment must consider smarter and edge-enabled architectures that will help pave the way for true digital transformation.

You can also expect to learn:

  • How the pairing with a true high availability architecture will be instrumental in accelerating a proactive maintenance strategy.
  • How mining operators can unlock a new era for their business by embracing digital transformation – and putting edge at the center of their journey.

Emerson’s edge technology and single toolchain can pave the way for a successful implementation in both greenfield projects and existing mine sites that are initiating their digital transformation journey.


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