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Leah Jones

Leah Jones

Latest articles by Leah

A Guide to Backstopping, Overrunning, and Indexing Clutches

Mechanical clutches are a vital component of many power transmission systems where you need to apply torque in one direction of rotation. U.S. Tsubaki Power outlines how recent innovations in clutch design and technology are making these products even more reliable and efficient.

Innovations in Mobile Connectivity for Surface Mining Operations

The mining industry relies more heavily on digital and connected solutions to optimise operations, explore new sites, and achieve sustainability targets. The emergence of remote-controlled and autonomous equipment is helping to improve safety and increase productivity. Powered by Intelsat’s multi-layered, global, high-throughput satellite network, FlexMove keeps mining operations connected everywhere.

Cutting, Crushing, And Loading

Dr. Erik Zimmermann, Wirtgen, Germany, explores how cutting technologies can be used to optimise coal mining operations, and how they are important to reducing emissions.