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Australian mining news


GMG launches AI working group

The working group, launched last week in Perth, Australia, intends to create a greater understanding of AI and its applications in mining.


Renewed hope for New Hope

Queensland Land Court recommends New Hope Corp. to receive a Stage 3 expansion mining lease for its New Acland coal mine after its initial decision last May not to grant the proposal its support.


RPMGlobal and Quartile One enter strategic partnership

RPM Global (RPM) and Quartile One have signed a partnership agreement which will offer the mining industry a valuable combination of asset management software from RPM and Quartile One’s data-driven asset performance perspective.


Gekko planning gold mine of the future

Gekko’s energy efficient mining techniques used in its processing plants will, ultimately, promote greater outcomes for the entire mining industry.


Automation: a holistic approach

According to a representative from Roy Hill speaking at IMARC 2018, automation is a holistic approach that requires 70% change management and a 30% change in technology.