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Editorial comment

Welcome to Global Mining Review – a brand new publication from Palladian Publications and the team behind World Coal, the leading magazine for the global coal industry.

Focusing on the mining and minerals processing industries across the world, Global Mining Review will be launched in May 2018 in time to appear at a number of key industry events, as well as being sent to a global readership of metallurgists, engineers, geologists, and mine managers.

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The magazine will contain a range of high-quality technical articles, in-depth case studies and incisive industry analysis that is Palladian’s hallmark. In the first issue, this will include regional reports on North America and Europe, as well as a special report on iron ore. Technical features will include:

  • Surface drill-and-blast
  • Mining trucks and tyres
  • Underground utility vehicles
  • Rock bolting
  • Crushing, sizing and grinding
  • Conveyor systems
  • Lubrication and wear protection
  • Mine software and planning

Our second issue will be published in September 2018 and feature at events, including Electra Mining in South Africa. The issue will include regional reports on southern Africa and Australia and a special report on copper, as well as technical features including:

  • Shovels, excavators and draglines
  • Engines and powertrains
  • Underground drilling
  • Ground control
  • Underground ventilation
  • Screening, filtration and dewatering
  • Stockyards and storage domes
  • Mine automation and optimisation

We hope this print sample gives you an idea of what is to come and the exciting opportunities that Global Mining Review will offer. And if you want to get involved, contact my colleagues Harleigh Hobbs for editorial ( and Ryan Freeman for advertising ( for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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