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Marrakech Mining Convention (MMC 2019)

Marrakech Mining Convention (MMC 2019)

17 April 2019 - 19 April 2019


MMC 2019 will provide the participants with many unrivalled opportunities to gain knowledge from the mining bigwigs, visualisation and promotion of their products & services,reaching the potential international partners in a cost-effective way, developing B2B interactions with the mining personages ensuring all the perspectives are covered in comprehensive and dialogue driven approach in this three day programme. MMC is a premier gathering for all stakeholders to interact and engage in high level networking with some of the world’s most influential mining ministries,share practical experience with the industry’s leading suppliers of technology and engineering solutions.

This conference will focus on mining methods, exploration technology, surveying, and technological applications for mining operations and mineral explorations.

Sessions include:

  • International mining laws and policies – explore how the government and the private sector collaboration helps in boosting the economy.
  • Clean mining – improving environmental performance through innovation, non-renewable and hybrid solutions for clean/green mining.
  • Smart/digital mining – mining market outlook, new dynamics and updates - Automation, AI, Block-chain, Drones, 3D- printing, IOT, blasting and drilling techniques.
  • Emerging trends in mining technology – supply chain optimisation for better mining prospects.
  • Project planning management – escalating cost, material and design flaws.
  • Funding – structuring finance and funding of mining companies and ventures, finance and investment risk management, improving capital management with integrated valuation, capital markets survey and key patterns in mining.