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19 April 2021 - 23 April 2021


In order to face the new scenarios and challenges that have an impact on productivity, EXPOMIN calls for a sector meeting focused strongly on technology innovation, leading to solutions for the industry's needs, improving its competitiveness and strengthening its development in the long term.

During November, Expomin will host a virtual version of this mining event, while the International Congress will be available via streaming, in order to stay connected until everyone can meet again in April 2021. The programme is in process with the different institutions and key players of the sector, and it will be focused to analyse the different topics of interest that the industry has faced due the COVID-19 pandemic.

The organisation is developing a digital platform, which will allow to have Expomin 2020 in a virtual way. In this platform, visitors will be able to visit exhibitor booths and visit a Marketplace with their products and services. They will be able to interact and chat, coordinate and have meetings in private virtual rooms and also to have access to various webinars and live streams.